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David Bloom at the Whitehouse

David Bloom

1963 - 2003

Respected NBC Reporter Dies in Iraq

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Shaken cohorts Matt Lauer and Katie Couric came in on their day off - Lauer to New York's Rockefeller Center, Couric to NBC's Washington bureau - to stifle tears on "Weekend Today," a show Bloom had co-hosted for three years, and reflect on the loss of their war hero.  Suddenly the emotional investment was real.  Couric called the news "heartbreaking and shocking."

"There was no one more devoted to his calling ..."
— BOB WRIGHT NBC chairman and chief executive.

David Bloom's wife: ‘My husband should be living today.’

David Bloom's familyMarch 3, 2005 — Melanie Bloom, the wife of former NBC correspondent David Bloom, on preventing the often-silent killer DVT.  After David died in Iraq, Melanie asked herself some questions.  "Why did this happen? Could it have been prevented? As she learned more about David’s condition, an aching truth emerged. This is preventable and treatable. "There’s every reason to think my husband should be living today, had we known of this danger."  Read More

· David Bloom Children's Trust.  The David Bloom Children's Trust has been set up to help provide for the education of his three daughters, Christine, Nicole and Ava.  Donations in memoriam may be sent to:

David Bloom Children's Trust
c/o Latham & Watkins
885 3rd Avenue
Suite 1000
New York, NY 10022

· Friends Pay Tribute to Newsman With Their Own Stories.  The tributes to David Bloom's life and journalistic exploits were moving, but what left the packed pews in stunned silence was a final e-mail to his wife, from the battlefield in Iraq, in which the NBC correspondent seemed to have a premonition of his own death.  Read More

· NBC's David Bloom Eulogized as Latter-Day Ernie Pyle.  NBC News correspondent David Bloom, who died while covering the war in Iraq, was eulogized at his funeral Wednesday as a modern-day Ernie Pyle who had a spiritual awakening before his death.  Read More

David Bloom· David Bloom, 39, of New York.  The Bloom family remembers a father and husband: David was an energetic and talented reporter whose battlefield broadcasts gave millions a soldier’s view of war. David was born in Edina, Minnesota and attended Pitzer College in Claremont, California where he was national debate champion.  Read More

· David Bloom Memorial.  A network representative said approximately 44,500 messages from the public have been received at a special e-mail address,  Read More

· Bloom Gave Viewers Substance, Not Glamour, in Iraq Reports.  "He really had captivated the country, there's do doubt about it," NBC Washington bureau chief Tim Russert said. "As he roared across that desert, you could feel the country's heart pounding, saw people saluting, people cheering, and all of us at NBC feeling this enormous pride."  Read More

· Memorial Set For David Bloom  A memorial for NBC News correspondent David Bloom, who died Sunday in Iraq from an apparent pulmonary embolism, has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York.  Read More

· Kansans Remember David Bloom.  Kansans knew him when he was just getting started.  Bloom worked for KWCH in the late 80's and made many friends.  Read More

David Bloom funeral· NBC13 Remembers Reporter David Bloom.  In life, David Bloom had an energy that was infectious, a passion that he dared you to match and a smile that charmed you to the core.  It was a pleasure to work with David at WTVJ/NBC6 in Miami in the early 90s. I was the producer for the weekly evening 11 p.m. news. David was one of the reporters. He made up a team of top reporters that included Kerry Sanders, now an NBC News correspondent and Beverly White, now a reporter at KNBC in Los Angeles.   Read More

· Bloom's friend indeed.  ABC's Bob Woodruff and NBC's David Bloom had a lot in common.  Both were fast-rising correspondents for their networks and both were passionate about covering the war in Iraq while embedded with U.S. troops.  Read More

David Bloom was 39 years old· David Bloom's Last Ride.  The NBC journalist's death was possibly caused by the hours he spent reporting cramped in an Army vehicle -- just another way war kills.

Tragically, it may have been the long hours he spent cramped in the Army vehicle that caused his death. Three days ago, Bloom had complained of cramps behind his knee. Like most journalists "embedded" in the Army, he had endured days and nights of working, eating, and sleeping in our vehicles as convoys snaked their way toward Baghdad.

Preventable?  He consulted military doctors and described his symptoms over the phone to overseas physicians. They suspected DVT, or deep veinous thrombosis, and advised him to seek proper medical attention. He ignored their advice, swallowed some aspirins, and kept on working.  Read More

· Bloom Was Rising Star at NBC News.  David Bloom was a rising star at NBC News, a weekend anchor on Today who traveled from the White House to become one of the most frequently-seen TV reporters on the Iraqi desert.  Read More

· Remembering David Bloom.  The human cost of war always comes down to one town, one circle of friends, one family. The NBC family is mourning the death of one of our own — correspondent David Bloom. He died Sunday in Iraq of a pulmonary embolism. In a statement, NBC News President Neal Shapiro said: “David Bloom was one of the best in the business. He was relentless in his drive to get the story first and get it right. He loved nothing better than being out front on a big story, and the last few weeks that is exactly where he was.”  Read More

· Former S. Florida reporter David Bloom remembered for integrity, passion.  "David Bloom was the epitome of what a TV reporter should be, always fair, always passionate." He also was a perfectionist, Ari Odzer, a colleague at WTVJ said. "There are legendary stories in the newsroom about him working to the last second before airtime, polishing his stories to make them better."  Read More

· Another Fallen Star.  NBC's David Bloom, a former White House correspondent and a ubiquitous screen presence throughout the war's opening days, collapsed 25 miles south of the Iraqi capital Sunday, his network said. The robust 39-year-old correspondent, whose boyish charm and clear-minded reporting made him one of the war's media stars.  Read More

David Bloom in Iraq· NBC News veteran David Bloom collapses and dies in Iraq.  NBC News had built a special vehicle, dubbed the "Bloom-mobile," to send strikingly clear pictures of him riding atop a tank through the Iraqi desert. He reported memorably on the sandstorms that briefly delayed coalition forces.  "He was both a genuinely nice guy and an incredibly tenacious reporter," said Neal Shapiro, the president of NBC News. "He wouldn't be beaten on a story. He always kept us in the game."  Read More

· Bloom became the sixth journalist to die in Iraq.  After trading his position as a co-anchor of NBC's "Today" show weekend editions to report from the battlefield on the U.S.-led invasion, Bloom became the sixth journalist to die in Iraq since the war began about two weeks ago, although his death was not combat-related.  Read More

· "He died doing what he loved and doing what he did best."  "We are with the 3-15 infantry it's a combat battalion." he rolled into iraq with the u.s. army's 3rd infantry division, taking america along as it happened on what's become known as the Bloom mobile. as in David Bloom. "We crossed into iraq with the very lead elements..." the nbc correspondent helped develop the technology that allowed him to report live as war unfolded. his colleagues say it is a testament to the dedication and passion he brought to his job as a journalist every day. "He died doing what he loved and doing what he did best."  Read More

· Consummate pro with a human touch.  When Bloom said ‘buddy,’he meant it.  “Hey, buddy.” That was David Bloom’s all-purpose greeting for anyone who crossed his path. Usually when someone develops a shorthand like that, it’s a cover for not remembering the other person’s name, or not much caring. For David, who used it with even his oldest friends, the effect was the opposite. He was gifted in his ability to establish a human connection almost immediately, which is part of what made him a gifted broadcaster. But it was more than that. He made you feel he was your buddy because he was. He mixed sincerity and tough-mindedness as well as any reporter I ever knew.  Read More

More on David Bloom from MSNBC.  Read More

· "You couldn't keep him away from a story"  NBC's David Bloom died in Iraq Sunday from what appears to be a pulmonary embolism.  The 39-year-old reporter and anchor of the weekend "Today" show was embedded with the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division outside Baghdad, riding in his cutom "Bloom-Mobile."  A husband and father of three, Bloom was traveling with troops about 25 miles south of Baghdad when he suddenly collapsed. "You couldn't keep him away from a story," says Tim Russert. "Whenever something was breaking, he wanted to be there."   Read More

· NBC's David Bloom Dies Covering Iraq War.  The 39-year-old co-anchor of the weekend "Today" show was about 25 miles south of Baghdad and packing gear early in the morning when he suddenly collapsed.  He never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead from a pulmonary embolism after being airlifted to a nearby field medical unit, said Allison Gollust, a spokeswoman for NBC News. She said his death was not combat-related.  Read More

· NBC's David Bloom Dies Covering Iraq War.  NBC News correspondent David Bloom, who has been reporting on the war from the Iraqi desert in his "bloommobile," collapsed Sunday and died from a blood clot, the network said.   Read More

· NBC 'Today' Co-Anchor David Bloom Dies in Iraq.  David Bloom, co-anchor of NBC's "Today" show weekend editions, died in Iraq while covering the war, NBC said on Sunday. He was 39.  Bloom's death was not combat-related, NBC said. He died after he suffered a pulmonary embolism.  Bloom was "embedded" with the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division, and had reported on the unit's advance toward Baghdad in recent days.  Read More


· My Upmost for his Highest.  The book placed at the memorial service for David Bloom by the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division. In Oswald Chambers book, My Upmost for his Highest, he shares how we need to be as broken bread and poured-out wine to please God. We are to be "separated to the gospel" which means being able to hear the call of God for our lives. Our lives are to be used to preach the Good News to those around us, just like Paul in Romans 1:1.   Read More

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